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SeeWhy Learning specializes in assisting people pass industry exams. We have been teaching industry courses for over 10 years. Our programs help you both understand the course content and focus you on the things you need to know to pass your exam.

SeeWhy Financial Learning has helped thousands students pass the various Canadian Regulatory Exams, including:

Canadian Securities Course® (CSC®)
Our CSC® Study Tools are in-line with the 2010 Update

Investment Funds in Canada Course® (IFIC®)
Life License Qualification Program®
Accident & Sickness Component of LLQP® (A&S)
Wealth Management Essentials® (WME®)
Conduct and Practices Handbook Exam® (CPH®)
Ontario Real Estate License Exam Preparation

Life License Qualification Program® (LLQP®) Exam Preparation and LLQP®Study Notes
Successful completion of The Life License Qualification Program® (LLQP®) qualifies students to apply for their "Life License", which is required to sell life insurance products and related investments. Our study materials are designed to help you pass the Provincial LLQP® exam, and do not constitute enrolment in the actual Life License Qualification Program® itself.

Accident & Sickness (A&S) Component of LLQP®
The A&S (Accident and Sickness) component of the LLQP program is for an individual who is looking a career in the life insurance industry as an agent selling accident and sickness (A&S) insurance. The A&S component of the LLQP is a course developed based on a comprehensive curriculum set by the provincial regulators. Students will acquire the knowledge and skills for a career in the life insurance industry as agents in the niche specialty of selling A&S (Accident and Sickness) products - including individual and group health and disability insurance.

A Career in the Insurance Industry

While we live in an exciting time with tremendous opportunity, the world today is also less predictable. With uncertainty, people tend to think more about the 'what if's. What if I lose my job, become disabled, need long term care, die pre-maturely, etc. Fortunately, there are various products available in the insurance industry to address these here for more information

STUDENT TESTIMONIAL: "I found the study tools amazing and extremely easy to understand. The tools gave me clarity in comparison to previous attempts at the Provincial Exam. I do appreciate the assistance that See Why Learning has given me. It has made my final attempt at the exam an overwhelming success." Joan Harris, Primerica

IFIC® IFI® Exam Preparation and IFIC® IFI® Study Notes
Successful completion of the "Mutual Funds" course, as offered by both CSI®/ICB® (Investment Funds in Canada® ~ IFC®) and IFSE® (Canadian Investment Funds Course® ~ CIFC®), satisfies the educational requirement necessary to sell mutual funds in Canada, as set out by the Mutual Fund Dealers Association. Our study materials are designed to help you pass the IFIC exam, and do not constitute enrolment in the actual Mutual Funds course itself.

A Career in the Financial Securities Industry

It is estimated that Canadians 65 years of age and older will reach almost a quarter of the total population in 2030, almost double what it is today. As the population ages there will be a need to transfer their wealth to their children and grandchildren and they will require a professional to assist them. A tremendous opportunity exists for professionals who are trained to offer appropriate here for more information

Ontario Real Estate Exam Preparation
To obtain your Ontario Real Estate license you must first pass three courses in what is known as the pre-registration period. Real Estate License Course 1: Real Estate as a Professional Career: A general overview of a career in the real estate profession; how the real estate market interacts with other elements of our society; how the real estate profession works and what skills you will need to be successful; a high level discussion of the importance of economics, demographics and geography on real estate values; consumer buying habits and marketing methods; a basic overview of mathematics.
Real Estate License Course 2: How land and property is registered in Canada; examine municipal planning and land use zoning; identify the key elements in home and commercial building construction; review the various ways that property can be valued; review how real estate is traded, rules and regulations of the industry (REBBA 2002), as well as the concept of representation relationships. Real Estate License Course 3: General and Advanced Segment: All students must write the exam pertaining to course 3 general, and one advanced component (real estate or commercial). This exam will test you on an overview of the real estate transaction, from listing agreement through to the final sale.

"Thank you for providing me all the resources I need for my Investment Funds in Canada CSI Exam. I am pleased to announce that I have passed my Exam and now am registering for my licence to sell mutual funds. I recommend this training to anyone who needs help in preparing for their exam in this challenging course. Thank you for everything."
Roland M. Edwards - Account Manager
Royal Bank of Canada.

"Just wanted to tell you that "SEEWHY LEARNING" helped me ACE my Mutual Funds Exam! After 2 re-writes I was getting rather frustrated and that's when I did my research and found this great website!! It may sound expensive and you may feel like you already spent to much money registering for the course, but the $100.00 was totally worth it! I couldn't be happier about FINALLY PASSING my Exam! Thanks Again See Why Learning!"  Jodi

A Career in the Real Estate Industry

According to Statistics Canada, our population grew by 121,200 in the second quarter of 2009. New immigrants need a place to live. In all communities land is a finite resource and in many cases a depleted one. If you have recently driven around Toronto or the surrounding areas it is easy to see that there is very little places for new construction. Many new immigrants will look towards buying a home in the re-sale market.

A career in the re-sale home industry can be very rewarding with the salesperson earning as much as 6% commission on a single transaction.
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Wealth Management Essentials® (WME®) Exam Preparation
The Wealth Management Essentials® Course (WME®), as offered by CSI Global Education, Inc focuses on two critical elements of wealth management - Financial planning and Investment management. Successful completion of the WME®course fulfils IIROC's 30-month requirement for maintaining your securities license. It is also one very important step towards qualifying to write the Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) exam. Our study materials are designed to help you pass the WME® exams, and do not constitute enrolment in the actual Wealth Management Essentials® Course itself.

Conduct and Practices Handbook® Exam (CPH®)
The Conduct and Practices Handbook (CPH®) is a guide to understanding the rules, regulations, practices and ethics that will guide a career as an investment advisor or representative. Assists in meeting IIROC's proficiency requirements for licensing. Improves employability by gaining the education employers and regulators require.

Canadian Securities Course® (CSC®) Exam Preparation and CSC® Study Notes
*Our CSC® Study Tools are in-line with the 2010 Update
The Canadian Securities Course® (CSC®), as offered by CSI Global Education, Inc., is the initial course required for becoming licensed to sell securities, like stocks and bonds, in Canada, as set out by IIROC. The CSC® can also be used to satisfy the educational requirement necessary to sell mutual funds in Canada, as set out by the Mutual Fund Dealers Association (MFDA). Our study materials are designed to help you pass the CSC® exams, and do not constitute enrolment in the actual Canadian Securities Course® itself.


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